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Our Story

How We Got Started

This Organization is the product of bad luck and good timing. The bad luck is that Civility Shines founder, Louis Peerless, had a myriad of unfortunate medical events. Peerless nearly lost his life to sepsis but was fortunate to have smart doctors and good timing. Shortly after learning that he had prevailed over this infection he realized that was a survivor with a second chance at making a difference. This time, though, it needed to be something for the greater good.  Peerless wrote, Civility: "It's Easier to Get Along.", a handbook on Civility and Civil Behavior. From that, the notion of an organization where peoples' needs could be met by the hands of others came to fruition. 

 And, Civility Clubs were born.   

Our Book and Program

"It's Easier to Get Along!"

Civility Shines is a handbook on civility and civil behavior. An introduction Is followed by 46 "Vignettes" that discuss situations in which we may find ourselves and suggestions on appropriate responses. The premise of the book is that it is easier to get along and that life with a  cooperative reality is a better, more pleasant way to spend our daily lives.

Civility Shines:

"It's Easier to Get Along!"

is a book written to be studied and absorbed and then shared with others and discussed. Ultimately, our hope is that, by making changes in our lives for the better, including random kindness, that a widespread change in attitude can change the World.

How Can You Get Involved?

Our members

Presently all of our members are in Greater Cincinnati. Generally, our members have been people who embrace civility and random kindness as away of life. If our work and the activities we suggest are of interest, we get members. Ultimately, we will get members by word of mouth as the word gets out that there is an organization that promotes civility and civil behavior.  But since you are reading this, we'll assume your interest and suggest a membership for you as well as your friends and family. The $18  lifetime membership will allow us to continue to produce educational materials to send to schools and congregations. Members receive discounts in our store.  


Our Blog: The Emergent Curmudgeon

Our Mission

Our Mission

Civility Shines is a business with a single purpose: 

We will bring issues of civility and civil behavior to the general public through Civility Shines!: “It’s Easier to Get Along!” (the book, authored by Louis Peerless, published in March 2017). This is a handbook that covers general issues of civility, including 46 vignettes, situations in which we find ourselves on thinking and acting. Additional topics and promotional materials for discussion are forthcoming. Peerless is available for speaking engagements (initially) in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area. Newsletters will be added to this website periodically.

Originally, this was intended to be a 501(c)3, a not-for-profit organization. That remains the plan for the future. It was determined that it could take up to two years to put the 501(c)3 into place. With all of the necessary forms and general bureaucracy we would have had to delay getting the program started. We will work at this diligently.

Please visit our funding site at:

GoFundMe Civility Shines. 

So, Civility Shines is now a for-profit company that will donate 18% of gross profits to bona fide not-for-profit organizations that deal with issues of civility and related topics. Civility Shines will also raise funds from the sale of merchandise (t-shirts, hats, carry bags, mugs and more) that will sport the Civility Shines inclusionary pinwheel logo with the words Civility: “It’s Easier to Get Along!” on every product. The tag line is in the final stages of approval to be trademarked. 

Civility Shines: “It’s Easier to Get Along!” is a handbook on civility and civil behavior. The book discusses general issues of civility and random kindness and includes a series of 46 scenarios in which we might find ourselves along with suggestions for appropriate behavior with which to respond or interact in each scenario. 

In addition, we propose Civility Clubs, ideally based in Congregations and Schools, where Youth Group members involve themselves in discussions of timely topics. In the book, there are suggested projects that promote civility in our day-to-day lives.

Finally, we advocate a poster to be placed in libraries, school nurses’ offices and in school hallways or in other offices and classrooms, prominently displayed. The plan is to charge for the customizable 13” x 19 posters at par.  We are asking for contributions for additional seed money  giving us a running start towards teaching civility for the greater good.

As part of our Mission Statement, Peerless, as Founder and CEO, will receive maximum compensation of $0,000 for 2017, $12,000 for 2018 and $18,000 for the next three years. All revenue received through GoFundMe Civility Shines will be used to acquire copies of “Civility Shines!”:“It’s Easier to Get Along!” for distribution to Educators, Clergy, Superintendents, Agency Administrators and Municipal Administrators in and around the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio metropolis. This funding campaign will be used to purchase additional books to be distributed. Books will be purchased at par. Peerless will receive no royalties.

This is a bold venture with some indications of success already. We cannot guarantee that we will succeed but we shall work diligently to increase our ranks and spread the word. Please consider a contribution to “Civility Shines!” at GoFundMe Civility Shines.

You will be participating in a worthwhile venture and performing an act of random kindness, a key component of civil behavior. Thank you so much for checking out Civility Shines. ­­­­    

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